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Game Download is available via the Google Play button on the bottom of the page.

We are really excited to have completed the Technical Demo for the game and have everyone get hands on with it to let us know what they think.

What will the full release look like?

  1.  30 ships spread over 3 unique Races (Humanity, Elfen, Orcoid)
  2. Ship customization  (from weapons, to components, to visual customization like paints, liveries and more)

we are already researching a system to allow players to freely customize their ships with decal placement.

  1. 6 game modes (ranging from traditional team death match modes, to more cinematic 'war' mode with objectives and cut scenes.)
  2. Clans, Parties and all the social shenanigans you expect from a game with competitive multiplayer.

We will also be periodically updating the game with more ships, customization and  game modes, depending on how popular the game gets we really would love to add PvE expansions and more story focused game modes.

The game will be free-to-play on the full launch and will  focus on delivering quality over greedy monetization practices. This means no pay to win items in the game (on a mobile game?! thats craaaazy!) yup that's right. We plan on having purely cosmetics, nothing that give players more power over another that hasn't bought items in game. The only power you can have is the power to dab on the competition with your awesome looking ships!

What's in the Technical Demo:

  • 2 ships from 2 ship classes, Destroyer and Frigate Class with pre-loaded ship abilities. 
  • 1 map, the Maginot belt, an asteroid belt that borders human and Orcoid space which saw witness to a battle around one of the many observation posts build to warn of incursions by orc vessels. 
  • 1 game mode (Deathmatch)
  • Bots 

The Plan:

So here is the plan, in order to complete this game we need funding, and in order to get  funding we are planning on announcing a crowd funding campaign, but in order for the crowdfunding campaign to get some traction we need some hype. 

That's where you come in, YOU are the ones who will decide if this game is something awesome or if it's back to the drawing board. Your enthusiasm for the game will fuel our conviction. So share the game, follow us on our social media profiles and get word out! Keep the game servers alive by donating on Patreon.

The future of the Game?

Immediate Future (adding stuff to this technical demo):

  • New Ship class, Battleships, Hard hitting vessels that are slow,  tanky and mean as hell.

Battleship class early grey box

early look at the first battleship class ship in it's grey-box phase

  • New Map Abandoned mining outpost. A large mining complex that was owned by a wealthy mining company now lies abandoned as the threat of incursions by other factions has made it too dangerous to stay operational.
  • New turrets for each of the ship classes to side grade your ships with.
  • optimizations and bug fixing.

Far Future:

When the game gets funded we will be working full time fleshing out the each of components of the game to deliver you the features listed at the very beginning of this page.

Warfleet - Captains will have a rich lore being built in the background as this is our first serious IP, we wish to expand on this universe with other games in the future.  At the initial release of Warfleet - Captains much of this lore will be delivered through flavor text on ship descriptions and loading screens for maps. However! We plan to release updates that allow us to explore this universe more via PvE mode that begins to tell a tale of epic conquests, and tragedies alike.

 Spread the word!

Let your friends know there is an indie team trying to get a fun multiplayer mobile game out and its all about blowing each other up in big ol' space ships! send them over here to try it out for themselves!  

NOTE: To download the technical demo build press the Google play button.

Release date Mar 01, 2020
AuthorIron Blood Games
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Multiplayer, Sci-fi, Space, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer
LinksPatreon, YouTube, Community

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