Patch 1.4 Details

Hey folks! 

Thank you very much for all the support from players around the world. We are very excited and intrigued by the reception our project got. We watched and enjoyed every second of those walkthroughs and comments you all shared with us since the release. However from our end we caught some bugs and glitches that wasn't intended to be in the experience, we all got together and fixed it as soon as we can and released a new Patch 1.4 for Contortion.

If you're an existing player do not worry, simply replace the 1.3 Files by installing it in the existing path you chose to install the Original game

As for the new players you all are welcome to download 1.4 and play this since this is a standalone pack rather than a Patch.

Here are fixes on Patch 1.4

  • Users can now switch Graphics between Low, Medium, High and Ultra and as well as Resolutions
  • Various Bugs and Stability Improvements.

Hope you all are having fun, we can't wait to share all the details about the game soon. Meanwhile we are eagerly waiting for your gameplay Videos and Comments.

Have Fun!

Yours, Team IBG


Contortion_1.4_Update_Win_x86_x64 781 MB
May 09, 2019


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