A downloadable contortion for Windows

In visions of the dark night
I have dreamed of joy departed—
But a waking dream of life and light
Hath left me broken-hearted.

Ah! what is not a dream by day
To him whose eyes are cast
On things around him with a ray
Turned back upon the past?

That holy dream—that holy dream,
While all the world were chiding,
Hath cheered me as a lovely beam
A lonely spirit guiding.

What though that light, thro' storm and night,
So trembled from afar—
What could there be more purely bright
In Truth's day-star?


The story behind this project is that, the team was exhausted due to a tight development schedule and wanted to focus on something different. So keeping that in mind; the team collaborated with the head writer. Within a week of putting things together born the "Contortion"

Contortion Explained:

Please feel free to share this around and make gameplay videos under one condition; share it and enjoy it much as possible, also your comments and thoughts are very important to us.

If you want to reach us:



Release date May 04, 2019
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorIron Blood Games
Made withUnity
Tagscontortion, Horror, ib-games, iron-blood-games, pt, Retro, silent-hills, twin-peaks, vhs
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller
LinksHomepage, Support, Twitter


Contortion_1.4_Update_Win_x86_x64 781 MB
Contortion_1.3_Setup_Win_x86_x64 781 MB

Install instructions

  • Click Download
  • Run the Setup
  • Chose the path to install
  • After the Installation is complete, find the game in your desktop or Start Menu

Development log


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Very cool game. It was the first game I played in this vid.

Hey thanks for playing the game... we are very glad that you liked it. Good luck to you and the future of of your channel. 

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I'm having similar problems with no response on launch.  What's the best way to get in touch with error logs and system specs? I'd rather communicate directly if possible.  Thanks!

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Hi if you can take a screenshot using Windows Event Viewer; in that, locate the error; it could help us a lot to fix this as soon as possible... thank you..


Played this for a 3 Random Horror Games, and it really didn't feel like much of a game, just a series of rather short events, in game format. Kinda like a short film, except not that good. It's hard for me to really classify this as a game, as i finished in in about 5 minutes. I give a full in-depth review and feedback in my video below.


Hey thanks for playing Contortion... your comments means alot to us. :)


No Launch. AMD PC & Intel PC Both and windows 10

Hey! We are sorry for your inconvenience; can you locate the error via Windows Event Viewer? a Screenshot would do :) Thank you...


I'm in love with this game. Please also check mine out here. https://taintedgames.itch.io/ash-asylum

Hey thank you very much it means alot; your game seems very interesting; we are definitely going to check it out

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Hi! Can you help us out by sending us your PC Specs. If not you can open up the task manager and see if Contortion pops up but if it's not running, it's probably a runtime error. 

Try installing, repairing or updating the .NET Framework.

Download Link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=56116


I came across the same issue I tried updating the .net framework but was told it was already up to date so yeah not sure what I can do next

Hey! Thanks for reaching us; can you locate the error via Windows Event Viewer? a Screenshot would do :)


Gave it a go....

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Hey thanks for trying the game; your comments mean alot to us. I know it's confusing but however that is what we intended as the developers. If you wish to know more you can submit a question here https://ibgames.itch.io/contortion/devlog/80398/we-are-taking-in-questions we will answer them by end of this Month in our podcast (which will be updated here). 

We hope when we start discussing how things came together you'll understand the true vision of this project as we developers expected from the players :) But thank you so much for playing and for your comments


To start i didn't know what was going on but i loved the style of this game and the creepiness. I wish it was longer but from a guess i would say the story has soming to do with the horror of war. Its well worth playing if you would like to see my playthrough here it is 

Hey thank you so much for playing; we really enjoyed your gameplay. Thank you for your comments. Indeed it has to do "something" with the horrors of war. If you wish to know more you can follow our podcasts where we will discuss how things came together if you're interested.

Click on the video for the Podcast Playlist :)


not a fan of " horror " but I do weird stuff. Your game looks like weird stuff.

I'll check it out.

Sounds awesome... can't wait to hear your thoughts :)


it's weird, and I love it. I think if you had a standard development, I would've just dismissed it as : another VHS horror title :

way better than the trash Puppet Combo comes out with, that's for sure ^^v

Thank you very much; that means alot to us


Very strange game. I didn't quite understand what was happening, but it did creep me out.

Hey! We really enjoyed your gameplay and comments.... It is indeed a very strange game; but if you didn't understand it then you understood is what our writer proposed even for the dev team. Thank you for playing but if you wish to know more regarding the project, we will soon discuss how things came together in our podcast... you can catch us every Sunday... ;)


This is a good VHS horror game. I also really like how you kept making use of the date to hint at the theme. Smart.

Here's my channel for other games I have played http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Hey, Thanks for playing; finally someone understood the concept, we are so relieved... Yes the dates play a huge part. We are definetly subscribing to your channel. Interesting content. If you wish to know more you can follow our podcast where we will discuss everything regarding this project :)


I really liked this experience, the theme didn't become clear to me until afterwards -- except, the numbered code, is that referencing the creepy messages broadcast in Russia?

Overall, I left a few comments at the end of the video. I really loved the aesthetic and the building tension and overall vibe of the game. I'm thankful this exists and look forward to future titles from your studio!
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Hi, thank you for playing we really enjoyed your game-play and your comments regarding the project... glad you enjoyed it as much as we did making it. No, it's not the Russian one 

But we will be discussing more regarding this project on our podcast in detail if you wish to know morehttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIy-cVB43agWjnEaGkkebKFkNio0o5OZW



Hey thanks for playing; Well for a fact 6th of August 1945 is the day when US dropped Little Boy over Hiroshima; I guess you might've figured it out by now... Well you can catch our Podcast every Sunday if you wanna know more about this project ;)